UNM Los Alamos

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Fall 2019

Type Fee
Resident Tuition (per credit hour) / Summer semester Non-residents Tuition $82.00 per credit hour
Non-resident Tuition (per credit hour) FALL ONLY $227.50 per credit hour
Late Registration Fee* $30.00
Student Activity Fee (per credit hour) $1.50
Student Facility Fee (per credit hours) $3.00 per credit hour
Full-time (12-18 hours) $1048.00
Print Management Fee $10.00 (per semester)

* The Late Registration Fee is assessed to all students who register on or after the first day of the semester and is non-refundable.

All tuition and fee charges are subject to change without notice. A student’s readmission, registration, library privileges, release of official records and other requests may be restricted or denied unless satisfactory financial arrangements have been made or until tuition and fees are paid.

Enrollment Adjustment Fee

A $10 fee will be charged for each transaction occurring after semester deadline dates. Enrollment adjustment forms and guidelines are available at Student Services.

Senior Citizens

As mandated by New Mexico State Statute, and prescribed by UNM Policy, 8210.2.7, a student may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate of $5 per credit hour if ALL of the following criteria are met:

  1. Student must first be admitted to UNM. Email questions to Kathryn Vigil, Student Enrollment Director: kaguilar@unm.edu.
  2. Student is a New Mexico Resident:
  3. Student is age 65 or older as of the 21st day of the semester;
  4. Student registered on or after the first day of the semester with NO registration attempts prior to the first day (ANY registration attempt, including a Wait List, will immediately null your eligibility for the reduced rate);
  5. Student is registered for 10 hours or less.

Please contact 505-661-4681 with any questions.


As mandated by Section 103 of Public Law (PL) 115-407, ‘Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018,’ students receiving education benefits may enroll while payment to the institution is pending form the VA.  View policy on Pending VA Payment.

Paying Your Tuition

Students will have to log in to LoboWeb to pay tuition with a credit or debit card. Cash & check will still be accepted at the Cashier’s desk in Building 2. Anyone wanting to pay Application Fees, COMPASS Test Fees, Enrollment Authorization Fees, or Transcript Fees with credit card must use the UNM-Los Alamos MarketPlace link on the UNM-LA homepage.

Students with financial aid: See the Financial Aid Coordinator

Service Charge: A service charge of 1.2% per month will be billed to all unpaid student accounts beginning one month after registration. Payments made to a student account with a credit or debit card will be assessed a 2.75% fee.

Tuition Installment Plan

Payment of tuition and fees may be deferred under the University’s Installment Plan, which requires a down payment and payment of a non-refundable set up fee. See LoboWeb-Make payments to set up a plan.

Third Party

If tuition, fees or books are being paid by a third party, the Cashier's Office must be in receipt of the student's approved billing authorization letter or award. To avoid late fees or disenrollment for non-payment, the authorization must be provided prior to enrollment cancellation.

Financial Responsibility

Not receiving a bill or statement of account from UNM Los Alamos does not relieve financial responsibility. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their payment balances either on LoboWeb or with the UNM-LA cashier. LoboWeb provides 24-hour access to financial accounts. View the Terms and Conditions of Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Payment Deadlines

To avoid late registration fees, students must register on or before the following deadlines:

  • Spring 2018: January 15, 2018

Enrollment Cancellation Notice

Students who fail to pay full tuition and fees by the deadlines below will have their registration canceled and will be dropped from all classes. To avoid cancellation, please pay all charges in full or set up a payment plan on LoboWeb. For questions, please see the cashier in Building 1.

Enrollment Cancellation Dates

  • Summer 2019: June 7, 2019  Fall 2019: August 30, 2019

If your enrollment is canceled

Students with a canceled registration who wish to be enrolled at UNM-Los Alamos must re-register and complete an enrollment authorization form. Full payment or financial arrangements to cover all tuition and fees must be made at that time. A non-refundable $30.00 late registration fee will be charged.

Tuition Refund Deadlines

Prior to first day of classes and through end of third week for Fall and Spring Semesters - 100%

Prior to first day of classes and through end of First Week for Summer Session - 100%

No refund after deadlines.

Tuition Appeals

Tuition refund dates are published in the UNM-LA schedule of classes. Tuition refund requests that occur after the published deadlines are reviewed by the Bursar's Office.

To submit your appeal, you will need to follow these guidelines:

  • Prior to requesting a tuition refund, you will need to withdraw from your course(s). This can be done via LoboWeb.
  • Submit your Refund Appeal Request Form to the Bursar’s Office with documentation regarding the reason as to why you are requesting the appeal.  Documentation may include one or all of the following:  Letter from your physician or mental health professional, a death certificate, a funeral program, military orders or any official documentation that will verify the reason you are requesting the appeal.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship recipients also need to contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Offices to request a leave of absence.