UNM Los Alamos

Parents & Families

Parents & Families

At UNM Los Alamos, we understand that parents and families play an integral part of the college experience.

First Year Experience

Our main goal in the FYE Program is to coach students into making choices that keep them on course. Two-year schools across the country see over 50% of their students get off course and withdraw from their studies and their dreams. At UNM-LA, we have a support system to guide first year students to make the choices of successful students to keep them on course in their classes, in their degree program, and on to their career goals. Our goal is to guide students to become successful people who accept personal responsibility, stay motivated, adopt lifeline learning, and believe in themselves.

Our support system includes a variety of resources through Student Services, the Academic Support Center, the Library, an Early Alert system, and our University 101 course.

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Family Educational Rights Privacy Act of 1947 (FERPA)

FERPA protects the privacy of student records.  It allows students at a postsecondary institution to access their educational records.  It also limits disclosure of those records to a third party without the student’s consent.  Parents and spouses must present the student’s written and signed consent before the University may release to them personally identifiable information or other records. 
For more information or questions about FERPA, contact the Registrar at (505) 661-4688.