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Teaching Online

Teaching Online

For faculty using Canvas to teach online, hybrid, and web-enhanced classes. 

UNM LA Policies & Procedures

Main Campus Policies & Procedures

Using Canvas, Quick Tips

How to Log into Canvas

Canvas Basics

How to Web-Enhance a Course

Add a Course Assistant to Your Course

How to Request a Sandbox or Temporary Course

UNM Learn Course Migration Options

Section grouping is not available at this time.  See https://canvasinfo.unm.edu/external-apps/index.html for updates on its availability.

Getting Support for Canvas

How to Reach Canvas Support

Note that Canvas Support is available 24/7 from UNM main campus by calling 1-877-688-8817.

Need help locally at UNM LA?  Contact the UNM-LA Remote Learning Coordinator, Cindy Budge. Please refer to her summer 2022 schedule near the bottom of this webpage.

UNM LA Course Syllabus Template

Course Syllabus Template (Updated April 2022)

UNM LA Canvas Course Template

It is highly recommended that you import the UNM LA Course Template for Canvas, particularly if you are teaching an online course; the course template provides the basic elements that are required for online courses so that they meet federal standards. The UNM LA Course Template can be found on the UNM Canvas Commons. 

Here is how you can import the UNM LA Course Template for Canvas into your course:
How to Import the UNM LA Canvas Course Template

Free Professional Development

Training for Canvas:
UNM Center for Teaching and Learning Online Canvas Trainings Schedule:
UNM CTL Canvas Workshops 

Canvas Training Portal and Other Available Training

UNM Branch Online Collaborative Canvas Training Recordings:
A Basic Look at Canvas
Getting Started in Canvas

Training for Online Teaching:

UNM Branch Online Collaborative Trainings

Online Teaching Extravaganza Spring 2022
Recordings and resources for all OTEx 2022 sessions can be found here:

OTEx Extravaganza 2022 

Contact Information

Cindy Budge
Remote Learning Coordinator

Remote Learning Coordinator Summer Hours (June-July):

Wednesdays: 11 am - noon
Fridays: 11 am - noon

Zoom (use the SSO sign in option): https://unm.zoom.us/j/91713448051

If you need more timely assistance this summer, please contact UNM Canvas Support by calling 1-877-688-8817 or by emailing canvas@unm.edu.


Faculty: we want your comments and feedback on these materials! Please send them to cbudge@unm.edu.