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Summer Bridge at UMN-Los Alamos

Summer Bridge at UMN-Los Alamos

Announcing Summer Bridge 2024 Closure

Summer Bridge 2024 is now closed.
Thank you for your interest!

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Overview of Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge Program at UNM-LA is an immersive two-week experience designed to help students in their transition to university life.

Summer Bridge is an enriching experience where students will make lasting connections, engage with notable faculty in intimate class settings, and learn the ropes of UNM-LA.



Participants in the program can anticipate:

  • Small class sizes led by engaging instructors, fostering an optimal environment for learning.
  • Personalized guidance from Student Services and the Academic Support Center, providing invaluable tips and strategies to smooth your transition into university life.
  • Mentorship from Academic Coaches empowers students to navigate a spectrum of academic, career, social, and personal concerns.
  • Involvement in diverse activities and events that serve as a gateway to understanding academic departments and university resources.
  • Optional 8-week summer class available while scholarships last.
The combination of high-quality instruction, mentorship, and academic support, not only optimizes academic excellence but also fosters active engagement with peers, instilling a deep sense of belonging to the university community.


  • FREE Tuition – thanks to the generous support from the Title V Grant and UNM-LA scholarships.
  • Students will gain valuable early college credits and a foundation for a successful university experience with at UNM-LA.
  • Students will become familiar with the campus and its resources.
  • Students will receive individual attention from UNM-LA faculty and staff.
  • Academic support tailored to individual needs, ensuring a smooth continuation into the academic year.
  • Mentors provide ongoing support through structured opportunities, including weekly meetings during the summer.

Eligibility for UNM-LA Summer Bridge Admission:

  • New or existing UNM-LA students.
  • High School graduates – apply to UNM-LA.
  • Any student eligible for UNM-Los Alamos admission – apply to UNM-LA.
  • Recent High School Equivalency, HSE, recipient.
  • UNM-LA Adult Ed student en route to successfully complete the HSE program by August 2024.
  • Must Submit UNM-LA SUMMER BRIDGE APPLICATION form below.

Application Procedure: