UNM Los Alamos

UNM-Los Alamos Strategic Plan

UNM-Los Alamos Strategic Plan

UNM-Los Alamos 2022-2023 Priorities



UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) provides innovative, rigorous, and affordable education opportunities to build essential foundations for transfer, leading-edge career programs, and life-long learning opportunities. Through high-quality instruction and personalized attention, UNM-LA provides students the values, habits of mind, knowledge, and skills that they need to be enlightened citizens, to contribute to the regional, state, and national economies, and to lead satisfying lives.

UNM-Los Alamos
Strategic Plan

Goals and Objectives

2016/17 – 2026/27

I. Achieving Student Excellence
Providing high-quality service to students during the recruitment, educational experience, and completion processes.

II. Achieving Community Excellence
Serving our community, especially related to workforce development, lifelong learning, community endeavors, and visibility in the community.

III. Achieving Institutional Excellence
Promoting and maintaining excellence within our institution, especially related to financial resources, human resources, physical resources, collaboration, and a plan to identify and achieve our goals.


UNM-LA will be recognized in New Mexico and regionally as a premier education provider by offering quality learning opportunities for an ever-changing world, spanning the sciences and the arts, and building on unique local and regional assets including Los Alamos National Laboratory, natural and historical resources, and nationally recognized experts across many disciplines.

UNM-LA aspires to be recognized for the following:
Commitment to Excellence
     Respected for excellence in all academic endeavors, offering traditional and innovative programs.

Success through Collaboration
     Viewed as a committed partner supporting education and regional economic development.

Engagement with Community
     Contributing to the history, geography, and cultures of our region for an improved quality of life for all.


The values that guide UNM-LA are:
Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Respect, Collaboration, Innovation, Creativity, Accessibility