UNM Los Alamos



Institutional Effectiveness at UNM-LA

Institutional effectiveness is the commitment an organization undertakes to regularly and critically examine their processes and how well they achieve their mission. At UNM-LA, our goal is to engage in a culture of success: 

  • We determine what outcomes we want;
  • We perform;
  • We examine our performance;
  • We find strengths and weaknesses in our performance;
  • We celebrate our successes;
  • We evaluate our weaknesses for opportunities to improve;
  • We begin again.

Through this cyclic process of annual assessment and regular program reviews, every program and department on campus participates in documenting and improving their performances and outcomes. This process aids UNM-LA in ensuring that the needs, purposes, and mission of the University are being achieved.

For more information about UNM's Assessment Connections Retreat, please contact the UNM Office of Assessment at (505) 277-4130 or assess@unm.edu.