UNM Los Alamos

New Student Orientation Online

New Student Orientation Online

Welcome to UNM-Los Alamos! We are thrilled to welcome you to our campus as a new student.

The videos below will provide you with all the need-to-know essentials to help you be successful and be able to navigate our campus electronically and in-person.  

All students are also required to complete the Grey Area training each yearIn your first year, you will need to attend a live session on UNM-LA campus. Subsequent years, you will be sent a link to an online, refresher training. For more information and a list of sessions, click to visit The Grey Area page.

The videos on this page provide 

  • Student Success and Campus Resources - Includes survival tips and tricks- Office Hours, Syllabus, where to find help, Library resources, career steps, etc.
  • Getting Connected - Includes IT support, how to access and manage your online account and LAN, understanding advisement and Student Services, degree audit, UNM-LA website, Twitter, FB, Lobo Web and Lobo Achieve
  • Where’s the Money? - Includes financial aid access, forms, etc., and Cashiering, how, where and when to pay your bill, deadlines to be aware of.
  • Bursar Orientation 

After watching the videos, click here to do the survey.