UNM Los Alamos

Children in Library Policy

Children in Library Policy

I.  Policy

It is the policy of the UNM-Los Alamos Library that children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while in the facility, and that the accompanying adult is responsible for appropriate supervision of such children. Additionally, anyone under 18 who is not enrolled for courses at UNM-Los Alamos is not permitted to use computer equipment even with the supervision of an adult unless prior arrangements have been made with the Library Director (i.e. supervised use of computer equipment for the purpose of finding information pertaining to a school project).

II.  Responsibilities of Accompanying Adults

Appropriate supervision includes the expectation that the accompanying adult instruct overly active or energetic children to sit quietly in a chair (or stroller). This is necessary out of concern for safety in the library as well as the need to maintain an atmosphere conducive to quiet study. Accompanying adults are also expected to ensure that children follow all library policies including those pertaining to food and beverages, cell phones, loud talking or other distracting behavior.

III.  Responsibilities of Library Staff

Library staff cannot assist in supervising the actions of children in the library. However, staff will inform accompanying adults of the policy and their responsibilities when the occasion arises.

The Library policy attempts to take into account an accompanying adult's need to use the library, and to balance it with campus safety mandates and the need to maintain an atmosphere that allows other users to study. Patrons will be asked to leave the library if they or their children are unable to adhere to this policy.

IV. Policy Precedent

This policy is based on the UNM General Library Policy, as reported in the UNM General Library Official Bulletin, v. 17, no. 16, October 19, 1990, and upon discussions with the UNM-LA Library Committee, the Library Director and the Dean of Instruction.

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