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Pre-Business Administration

Pre-Business Administration

Business is everywhere — from the local farm stand to international manufacturing and trade. As a result, business majors are much sought after and compensated accordingly. Whether you are just starting out, starting you own business, or aspiring for CEO, the AA in Pre-Business Administration can help get you there.

About the Program

The AA in Pre-Business Administration is designed to introduce you to the field of Business Administration/Management and to complete the first two years of the Bachelor of Business Administration program offered by the Anderson School of Management at UNM Albuquerque.

All of the required courses for this associate degree program transfer to the Anderson BBA program, and you will be admitted to junior status if the following conditions are met:

  • You have a 2.0 cumulative GPA overall.
  • You have a minimum grade of C (not C-) in each course listed under the Specific Requirements shown in
pre-admission course work.
  • There are no waivers or substitutions in the printed curriculum of the Associate of Arts in Pre-Business Administration.
  • You are eligible to enroll at UNM Albuquerque.

Students planning to transfer to the Anderson Schools of Management on the Albuquerque campus should be familiar with and must meet the UNM/ASM Core Curriculum Requirements.

Contact Information

Dr. Peninah D. Wolpo
Division Chair - Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and Communication