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Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies

About the Program

Are you the kind of person who likes to work with your hands and your head? High tech careers don't have to be about sitting behind a desk all day. Our Specialists spend their time working with the equipment that makes the modern world function.

In the Applied Technologies program, you'll learn the theory behind things like circuits and vacuum systems as well as hands-on skills like welding and milling. UNM Los Alamos worked closely with businesses that employ technical professionals to create a program that utilizes state of the art equipment and techniques. This is a fast-growing field and the program was designed with employability in mind.

The Applied Technologies degree program at UNM Los Alamos is designed to give you the specialized skills you need for employment in high-tech fields. This is a unique program in New Mexico that offers you the opportunity to train in only two years for a high-paying, interesting, and dynamic career. We offer a personalized attention to each student and many hands-on learning opportunities with concentration areas in: Robotics, Electro-Mechanical Technology, and Manufacturing Technology.

Electro-Mechanical Technology

Electro-Mechanical technicians harness the force than runs the modern world. From service equipment to robots, electro-mechanical technologies are present in industrial sites, hospitals, and laboratories. Electro-mechanical systems are a part of our everyday lives as well as the backbone of cutting-edge research.

In the Electro-Mechanical Concentration, you will learn the basic elements of DC circuits, AC electronic components, and electronic devices. You will also be introduced to fundamental mechanical systems (vacuum, cryogenic, and hydraulic systems) and their design, assembly, and operation.


Contact Information

We are happy to answer any questions you might have and hope to make your learning experience at UNM Los Alamos as rewarding as possible. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail and we will provide all the information you might need.

Program Coordinator
Sarah Fisher
Division Chair, Applied Disciplines, Lecturer II
(505) 662-0342

Don Davis
Lecturer II
(505) 662-0336