UNM Los Alamos

New Mexico Common Course Numbers

This Fall 2019 semester, The University of New Mexico has begun to incorporate new Common Course Numbers (CCN). In the Fall course listings, there are some courses with their original three-digit course numbers, and some courses with their new four-digit CCN. Over the next year, UNM will transition the remaining courses to the CCN system.

  • The new mandated Common Course Numbering system (CCNs) is being implemented by the State of New Mexico’s Higher Education Department to standardize common courses among higher education institutions.
  • New Mexico House Bill 282 requires that 100- and 200-level courses offered in the state share common course numbers (CCNs).
  • The goal of this statute is to ease student transfer between institutions and thus completion of degrees.
  • In 2017-18, a statewide project aligned courses across all institutions of higher learning by subject matter on the basis of shared student learning outcomes (SLOs) identified by educators. 100- and 200-level courses received four-digit common course numbers (CCNs) and subject codes.
  • Commonly numbered courses have the same:
    • Prefix
    • Number
    • Course name
    • Course description
    • Student learning outcomes

There will be a guide posted on this page which provides original three-digit course numbers and names alongside the new four-digit CCNs and course names.