UNM Los Alamos

Governing Bodies, Staff and Core Faculty

Governing Bodies, Staff and Core Faculty

The Regents of the University

Douglas M. Brown, President

Kimberly Sanchez Rael, Vice President

Sandra K. Begay, Secretary Treasurer

Robert M. Doughty III

Marron Lee

Melissa C. Henry - Student Regent

Robert L. Schwartz


The University of New Mexico Officers

Garnett S. Stokes, Ph.D, President

Teresa Constantinidis, M.B.A., Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Paul B. Roth, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chancellor Health Sciences

James Holloway, Ph.D., Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


UNM-Los Alamos Advisory Board

Stephen Troy Boerigter, Sc.D., (Chairperson) Term: 2020-2024

Laura Burrows (Member) Term: 2020 - 2024

Michelle Hall (Member) Term: 2017-2021

Sheila Schiferl (Member) Term: 2017-2021

David Sutton (Member) Term 2017-2021

Administrative Staff

Los Alamos Chancellor

Cynthia J Rooney, Ph.D.

Laci Taylor, Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor


Business & Finance Staff

Bob Harmon, Director of Business Operations

Gayle Burns,  Accountant III, Business Services

Julie McNeal, Fiscal Technician/Accounts Payable

Vacant - Fiscal Services Tech, Accounts Receivable

Cindy Leyba - Senior Human Resources Tech


Auxiliary Operations Staff

Betsy Suazo, Facilities Manager

John Elliot, Facilities Coordinator


Marketing & Communication Services Staff

Nancy Coombs, Marketing Representative


Information Technology Services Staff

William Gilson, Computing Services Manager

Debray Bailey, Technical Support Analyst

Susan Schauer, Instructional Technologist


Research and Information

Valida Akhadov Dushdurova, Manager

Student Services Staff


Kathryn Vigil, Director, Student Affairs

Jenny Duran, Financial Aid Officer

Lori Tepley, Sr. Student Enrollment Associate

Melissa Torres, Student Success Specialist

Student Success

Tony Gallegos, Student Success Manager

Coco Rae, Student Success Specialist

Grace Willerton, Student Success Associate

Student Government

Grace Willerton, Advisor

Phi Theta Kappa

Maryjane Giesler, M.A., Lecturer II English


Sharon Hurley, Ph.D., Dean of Instruction

Kateri Morris, Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Irina Alvesad, Associate Dean of Instruction

Community Education and Adult Learning

Jane Clements, Ph.D., Program Manager, College and Career Readiness Program, Adult Learning Center


Small Business Development Center

Monther Jubran, Ph.D., Director, Los Alamos


Academic Departments

Business, Fine Arts and Applied Sciences

Barbara Yarnell, M.A., Division Chair

Patrick Harris, M.F.A, Fine Arts 

Don Davis, M.S.E., Applied Technology Program Coordinator

Steven Dawald, M.P.A., Fire Science Program Coordinator

Stephen Hampshire, Lecturer I Welding

Monther Jubran, Ph.D., Lecturer III Accounting

Cynthia Peterson, B.S.N., Lecturer I Certified Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Attendant


English and Humanities

Maryjane Giesler, M.A., Lecturer II English

Rueben Sanchez, Ph.D., Division Chair

Ericka Stupka, M.A., Lecturer III Classics

Peninal Wolpo, Ph.D., Lecturer III Classics

Kristy Nadler, Ed.D., Lecturer III General Studies


Mathematics and Engineering

Irina Alvestad, Ph.D., Division Chair

Min Ro, Ph.D., Lecturer III Mathematics

Mario Valardi, Ph.D., Lecturer III Mechanical Engineering


Science, Computer Science, Computer Technology and Information Technology

Susan Schauer, M.S., Division Chair

Thomas Beach, Ph.D., Lecturer Astronomy

Cindy Budge, M.S., Lecturer II Biology

Alissa Grissom, M.S., Lecturer II Mathematics

Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, Ph.D., Lecturer III Science

Joan Lucas, Ph.D., Lecturer III Computer Science

Michael McNaughton, Ph.D., Lecturer III Physics



Dennis Davies-Wilson, Director

Joe Matthews, Library Information Specialist III

Alyssa Stubbs, Library Information Specialist I


Academic Support Center

Kevin Rosenberger, ASC Online Class Tutor