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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at UNM-Los Alamos offers studio courses in Ceramics, Raku firing, Drawing, Painting, and Photography. Additionally, classes in Art History, Opera, Music, Guitar, Theatre, Jazz and Keyboard are available to aspiring students in the arts.

About the Department

Courses in Studio Art, Art History, Music and Theatre enable students to develop an awareness of aesthetics and an appreciation for achievement in these artistic disciplines. UNM core curriculum art courses that we offer include: Introduction to Art, History of Art I, History of Art II, Music Appreciation and Theatre Appreciation.

Courses and course sequences are designed to develop each student’s power of observation and encourage individual participation in the arts. Students are taught technique and craft in the studio to refine technical skills and enhance their personal level of creativity in making art.

The art faculty is dedicated to helping students develop their poetic capabilities in a variety of media. Each instructor is a practicing professional artist and willing to share their skill and expertise with students on a one-to-one basis. We care about the art you make and we care about you.

What Students Will Learn

At UNM-LA, you will learn to express yourself with your mind, your hands, and your voice. Studying and creating Fine Art helps us understand that imagination is an infinite source of content. Art is an important part of our lives and touches us through music, film, video, pictures, fashion, and everything that humans create. Understanding Fine
Art will help you to see the relationship of your creative nature to the life you live.

Degrees Available

  • Associate of Arts in Art Studio
  • Certificate in Art Studio

Contact Information

Paul Allen
Dean of Instruction