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Computer Science

Computer Science

UNM-LA’s Computer Science department offers the lower division coursework in preparation for pursuing a UNM Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

About the Program

Students with a strong interest in Computer Science or Information Technology, will want to check out CS101 Introduction to Computing Science – where topics range from binary numbers to the Linux operating system to programming.

For CS majors, the department offers the lower division programming sequence of CS152, CS251, and CS241 along with other required courses such as CS261 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and CS293 Social and Ethical Issues in Computing.

Non-majors required to take CS related courses will find the common pre-requisites of CS150 Computing for Business Students and CS 151 Computer Programming Fundamentals for Non-Majors offered as well as self-interest courses such as CS102 Introduction to Linux/Unix and CS103 Advanced Linux/Unix.

Degrees Available

Associate of Science in Computer Science

Contact Information

Susan Schauer
Division Chair