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Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy Program

The library offers a dynamic Information Literacy Instruction Program to help students manage their information needs. The instruction is done online, through the Credo Information Literacy Courseware, and through live instruction sessions provided by the librarians. Through this program students learn to access, search for, evaluate, and properly cite information for assignments and projects involving research, using a variety of information formats, both traditional and online. Students taking English 110, 111, 112, 113, or 120 automatically receive information literacy instruction. Instruction is available in other courses at the request of faculty. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from library staff at any time with their information needs. Below are links to handouts and online instruction resources.

English 110-113 | English 120 | General Information and Handouts 

English 110, 111, 112 and 113

The link below provides access to the Credo Information Literacy Courseware modules that have been setup for your particular course. You will be supplied with logins to setup an individual account. Once your account has been setup, you will need to click on the link below each time you need to access the modules.


The links below are Microsoft Word versions of the Database Exploration Guides and Database Search Assignment that you will be completing at the end of the "Sources of Information" information literacy module. The Microsoft Word versions of these two documents will allow you to complete them and submit them online if you prefere. Please complete these prior to the librarian's visit to your classroom.

Database Exploration Guides

Database Search Assignment

English 120 - Summer 2016, Dr. Marsee

The links below provide access to videos and handouts that you will need to use to complete your research projects. Please contact a librarian if you need assistance.

Eng 120 Research Process Video

Eng 120 Project Search Guide

Eng 120 Research Process PowerPoint Handout

Databases Available at UNM-Los Alamos demo video

MLA Style Bibliographic Citation Guide

General Information and Handouts