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Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy Program

Managing your Information Needs

The library offers a dynamic Information Literacy Instruction Program to help students manage their information needs. Through this program students will learn to access, search for, evaluate, and properly cite information for assignments and projects involving research, using a variety of information formats, both traditional and online. Students taking English 110, 111, 112, 113, or 120 automatically receive information literacy instruction. Instruction is available in other courses at the request of faculty. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from library staff at any time with their information needs. Below are links to handouts and online instruction resources.

English 110-113 | English 120 | General Information and Handouts 

English 110 - Dr. Marsee's section only

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Session 1 - Information Literacy Session 1 Video

Session 2 - Information Literacy Session 2 Video

English 120 - Dr. Zee's online section only

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General Information and Handouts