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Community Education

Community Education

For nearly 30 years, UNM-LA has been providing Los Alamos and surrounding areas with personal enrichment and professional development classes for every member of our diverse community. Community Education is the perfect opportunity to try something new or rekindle your desire for learning. Who knows, you might discover a hidden talent you never knew you had! 


Our Professional Development/Continuing Education courses can now be found here.

Crochet I ($195) – Rm B20, Bldg 7
Wednesdays 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, Oct 18 - Nov 15

Get Hooked! Fall Session 2023 is here!

Come join us for an intensive 5-week seminar and learn to crochet!

Learn how to plan and make the “Ivory Ripple Beanie” (pictured below). No previous knowledge needed! We will begin with the beginning and have a hat by the end! Students will need to bring themselves a snack and be excited to get hooked on crochet!
All materials included!



Learner Outcomes:

  • Learn basic crochet stitches.
  • Create an intricate wearable design.
  • Learn to read crochet patterns.
  • Make your own Ivory Ripple Beanie.
  • Develop your creative skills into a marketable hobby.

Benefits (Source: National Institute of Health):

  • Crochet is a great way to increase relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Sense of accomplishment gained from crochet helps improve wellbeing.
  • Crochet is effective in managing mental health conditions and life events such as grief, chronic illness, and pain.

About Your Instructor:

This class will be led by Peninah Wolpo, who has three decades of crochet experience on the hook! She has designed and made numerous blankets, beanies, gauntlet style hand warmers, leg warmers, doll clothes, baby clothes, and lately has mastered the “Flower of Life” shawl. She cannot wait to share her tips and methods with you, and she feels the greatest joy when helping new fiber-artists get their start! So much can be done with crochet, and she cannot wait to get you hooked!


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Yoga for AnyBODY – 8-week class - $160
T/Th 12pm - 1pm, Aug 21 – Oct 12, 2023 (UNM-LA Room 505)

Join our dynamic, Yin-inspired Fun Flow Yoga Class – guided by the rhythm of the breath!

All skill levels welcome. Yoga is for everybody and AnyBODY!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that nurtures your body, calms your mind, and uplifts your spirit? Look no further! UNM-LA is thrilled to invite you to immerse yourself in a yoga practice that celebrates movement and joy. In Sanskrit, yoga means “to unite” body, mind, and spirit. Our experienced yoga instructor, Sam McRae, designs classes to be both intentional and enjoyable, allowing you to explore your body's capabilities while cultivating a deep sense of connection with yourself and the world around you.


Learner Outcomes:

  • Poses stretch and strengthen our muscles.
  • Promotes a sense of inner peace, tranquility, and enhanced focus.
  • Synchronizing breathwork with posture calms our minds and bodies.
  • Short meditation practices to help create self-awareness and connection.

About Your Instructor:

Sam McRae studied yoga through Evolutionary Education under Dr. Nick Atlas and received her 200hr-YPT (yoga psychology training) in 2019. She incorporates both traditional understandings of yoga as well as modified teachings to find a practice that is both authentic and practical for each class. 

Join us for an unbeatable yoga experience that will leave you feeling revitalized, balanced, and connected. Reserve your spot now and unlock the transformative power of yoga in your life.

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Intro to Python Coding Boot Camp – 5-week Fall Intensive - $420 - Date: M/W 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm, Th 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, Aug. 21 – Sept. 20 (Online)

Are you dreaming of a tech career? UNM-LA’s Fall Python Boot Camp is here!

Python is one of today’s most popular and fast-growing programming languages, with applications in software development,
data science, machine learning, and AI.

This certificate program follows an intensive, user-centric approach to software engineering with Python. You will come away with the ability to design Python-based solutions to real-world problems and the creativity and analytical skills that companies are looking for. No previous programming experience necessary!

Learner outcomes:

  • Understand the core principles of Python.
  • Develop the ability to become a proficient Python programmer and software developer.
  • Design, code, test, visualize, analyze, and debug Python functions and programs.
  • Analyze data using Python in creative and meaningful ways to solve real problems.
  • Learn to work with a robust set of tools and develop technical skills to grow in the field of computer science.

Python ranks #1 among programming languages developers value. - Source: Stack Overflow's Survey

$99k/$63k - New Mexico average annual base pay for software developers/computer programmers. - Source: ONET

24% projected New Mexico employment growth for software developers, 2021 to 2031. - Source: ONET

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Early Childhood Education Certificate – FREE Online
Aug. 21 – Oct. 14 - T/W/Th 5pm – 8pm & SAT 9:30am – 10:30am
Oct. 16 – Oct. 27 10hr/wk individually scheduled practicums

UNM Los Alamos is offering our Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certificate FREE for our community. The ECE Certificate prepares educators and educational leaders with tools and hands-on experience to develop innovative school programs. We empower students to enact transformative educational practices that make a foundation for a child’s lifelong success.

Begin a journey in early childhood education.
10 hours per week for 10 weeks.
Help shape the minds of tomorrow’s brightest stars!


Benefits - it's FREE and:

  • Potential transfer to degree programs.
  • Academic Support Center and other wrap-around services for students.
  • Students equipped with knowledge and experience to advance in their careers.
  • Exposure to careers, career skills workshops, and mentors.
  • Job-embedded learning experience with industry partners.

Learner outcomes:

  • Stackable certificate in Early Childhood Education.
  • Stackable skills in Early Childhood Education and related fields.
  • Graduates of the program will be qualified to teach at Preschools,Montessori Schools, Daycare Centers, and Private Schools.


Education research indicates Early Childhood Development & Lifelong Health are Deeply Intertwined. - Source: National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

$50k/$29K/$49k/$48k - New Mexico Median Salaries for Kindergarten/Preschool/Special Ed Preschool Teachers/ECE Administrators - Source: ONET

15% US projected growth Early Childhood Education Teachers (2020 - 2030). - Source: BLS

Registration is limited to 20 students.

Our Fall 2023 class is full. Please contact audreysinclair@unm.edu for the Spring 2024 interest list.

Internet Safety for Adults and Seniors – Date: TBD  4 hours $0 – 1pm to 3pm, UNM-LA Campus, room 631 

This 4 hour seminar spanning two days, is designed to help individuals be better prepared to spot scams and "phishing" in an internet connected world. There are a multitude of threats and just like most predators, scammers are opportunistic. They look for users who aren't comfortable with computers, lack basic skills online, and most of all have something of value that can be stolen. Senior citizens in particular are a common target for scammers because they are put into an arena that they aren't familiar with and told to "leave it to the experts". This creates situations where innocent users can get in over their head before they even know it. This seminar will peel back the veil and show how you can use "soft" skills to spot scams and combat social engineering techniques that are common in schemes that target seniors. Attendees will leave with knowledge that online safety isn't so different from safety in the real world. 

Learning objectives: 

• Develop an action plan to improve your own Cybersecurity 

• How to spot scams 

• How to mitigate social engineering schemes targeted towards Adults and Seniors 

• Approaches in detecting Phishing scams 

• How to investigate the legitimacy of an email 

• Online safety “soft” skills 

Jake Stupka is an IT Professional with experience designing, implementing and maintaining organizational IT systems along with IT Director experience Systems Administration. Jake has worked as a primary Systems Administrator, Network Engineer & IT Security Manager. He has extensive End-to-end IT infrastructure experience in autonomous systems. As an instructor, Jake delivers content in a positive and supportive environment, equipping students with necessary skills to build and apply knowledge while recognizing and celebrating their achievements. 


 CPR Certification For Spanish Speakers – 6hrs $150 – Date: TBD, UNM-LA Campus, room 230

The AHA BLS and Red Cross First-Aid course trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations, provide early use of an AED, and prepares individuals to provide first-aid care to both children and adults during times of crisis. Reflects science and education from the American Heart Association Guidelines Update for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) and The American Red Cross. The AHA’s BLS Course is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a wide variety of in-facility and prehospital settings. 

When you need CPR classes that are approved by the American Heart Association (AHA), look no further than CPR Certification at UNM Los Alamos! Our qualified team of instructors cover everything you need to know, which includes: 

  • Giving Basic Life Support (BLS) for adults, children, and infants 
  • Performing the seven steps of CPR 
  • First Aid 
  • Feeling confident to help save a life 

We give you the best individual CPR training at a reasonable cost and aim to see every trainee leave with the finest learning experience.

Our CPR Training Includes:

  • Student Handbook
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
  • Critical concepts of high-quality CPR
  • The AHA Chain of Survival
  • 1-Rescuer CPR and First Aid for adult, child, and infant
  • 2-Rescuer CPR and First Aid for adult, child, and infant
  • The important early use of an AED
  • Effective ventilations using a barrier device
  • Differences between adult, child, and infant rescue techniques
  • Bag-mask techniques for adult, child, and infant
  • Rescue breathing for adult, child, and infant
  • Relief of choking for adult, child, and infant
  • Same Day CPR + First Aid Cards
  • Friendly and Relaxed Environment
  • Professional Instructors

About our Instructor
Edith Danielson, BSRT, RRT-NPS, is an expert CPR instructor, with over 25 years in the healthcare industry and teaching. She is a licensed Respiratory Therapist, a mother of a special needs kid, and an invaluable contributor to the special needs community in New Mexico. Edith is a calm in the eye of the storm of emergency medicine and her work as a respiratory therapist and knowledge of public health is widely respected in Los Alamos and surrounding areas. Edith’s love for teaching was further inspired by, “Working in the COVID unit for a couple of years I feel that I want to teach the public simple skills that can be useful in an emergency.” Edith is bilingual in Spanish and English.


 Babysitting Training Certificate, CPR, and First Aid Course – 4hrs $150 + $26.77 Kit – Date: TBD, UNM-LA Campus, room 230

The Babysitting Training course can help you apply CPR safety measures, basic First-Aid, and provide quality care to children of all ages. Developed by experts in the industry, our in-person courses are available to those ages 11 and older, and include topics such as basic child care safety, CPR, and First Aid techniques.

Please note: Babysitting Training CPR is not intended for those seeking certification for state-licensed child care providers.

Our Babysitting and CPR Training Includes: 

  • CPR student kit
  • Basic CPR for children and infants
  • Basic First-Aid
  • Basic care for children and infants
  • Lessons on age appropriate activities
  • Introduction to child behavior
  • Emergency protocols
  • Lessons on leadership skills
  • Basics of babysitting business
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the class
About our Instructor 

Edith Danielson, BSRT, RRT-NPS, is an expert CPR instructor, with over 25 years in the healthcare industry and teaching. She is a licensed Respiratory Therapist, a mother of a special needs kid, and an invaluable contributor to the special needs community in New Mexico. Edith is a calm in the eye of the storm of emergency medicine and her work as a respiratory therapist and knowledge of public health is widely respected in Los Alamos and surrounding areas. Edith’s love for teaching was further inspired by, “Working in the COVID unit for a couple of years I feel that I want to teach the public simple skills that can be useful in an emergency.” Edith is bilingual in Spanish and English. 


Bath Bomb Workshop $55 (2hrs) - Date: TBDUNM-LA Campus, room 515

Be the creator of your very own bath bombs with your favorite fragrance, design, and packed with natural moisturizing elements. These fizzy fun bath bombs make a luxurious, nourishing, and relaxing spa-like effect for the bath. These elegant bath bombs make excellent gifts for family and friends. The instructor will teach you how to customize your bath bombs using high-quality ingredients.

Enjoy this fun class to take with friends. Unleash your creativity with the many natural ingredients you’ll use to make quality gifts for yourself and others!

Class includes:

  • All materials
  • Overview of the chemistry of bath bombs
  • Selection of organic colors
  • Fragrance - Essential oils
  • Natural oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, and shea butter
  • Dried florals and herbs
  • Other natural ingredients
  • 4-8 bath bombs to take home depending on mold size
  • Bath bomb recipes
  • Instructional handouts

Soap Making Workshop $55 (2hrs) - Date: TBDUNM-LA Campus, room 515

Introduction To Cold Process Soap-making - In this demonstration and hands-on style class, you will learn all about how a batch of cold process soap and liquid soap is created from scratch from start to finish. Become a soap maker and customize your ingredients to your taste.

Take this class with friends and family and enjoy creating luxurious scented soaps!

Class includes:

  • All materials
  • Overview of the science of soap making, saponification
  • How to formulate a soap recipe based on your needs, i.e., sensitive skin, dry skin
  • Use an online soap calculator
  • Selection of organic colors
  • Fragrance - Essential oils
  • Natural oils
  • Additional ingredients such as amaranth or lavender for exfoliation and honey for conditioning
  • Soaps to take home
  • Soap recipes

Instructional handouts

Exam Preparation

The Center for Legal Studies

UNM-Los Alamos Community Education continues to provide expanded offerings from the nationally recognized and acclaimed Center for Legal Studies. Courses are offered fully online and generally run for seven weeks each. Start times are spaced throughout the calendar year and most classes are offered six times per year.

View course listings and descriptions.

Register for Legal Studies

For more information, including registration, visit www.legalstudies.com or contact the Center for Legal Studies at 1.800.522.7737. For additional assistance, please contact UNM-Los Alamos Community Education at 505.662.5919.

Customized Training

The Customized Training Program at UNM–Los Alamos works with area businesses, organizations, and agencies to design low-cost, specialized training that meets employers’ needs and fits work schedules. Utilizing local, state and national resources, UNM–Los Alamos can design, develop and deliver classes and certificate programs for the unique training needs of businesses, non-profits, or government agencies, on-site or on campus. Specialized training is a cost-effective way to target and increase organizational effectiveness and to enhance job skills and performance. For more information please contact 505.662.5919.

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Registration Information

Register in person

You may register in person using a paper registration form. To do so, download, print, and complete the registration form, or pick one up at the Community Education office.

Submit completed forms to:

UNM-Los Alamos Community Education
4000 University Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Office: Building 7, Lower Level
Office hours: 7:30 – 4:00, M-F

If you register in person, please make your payment with cash or check.

Register by mail

You may register by mail using a paper registration form.  To do so, download, print, and complete the registration form, or pick one up at the Community Education office. Mail completed forms, together with payment (check only), to our office:

Make checks payable to UNM-LA Community Education.

UNM-Los Alamos Community Education
4000 University Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Office: Building 7, Lower Level
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., M-F

CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS AND WITHDRAWALS You will receive a full refund if a class is canceled by UNM-LA. You will be notified by email or phone.
If you withdraw in writing up to five working days before a class begins, you will receive a full refund less a $15 processing fee. No refunds will be issued after this deadline.
Withdrawal request should be delivered in writing to the UNM-LA Community Education Office at UNM-Los Alamos Community Education, 4000 University Drive, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

Contact Information

Audrey Marroquin, M.S.
Community and Workforce Partnerships Manager