UNM Los Alamos

Library Use Policy

Library Use Policy

The following policies have been established for the benefit of library patrons as well as for the protection and longevity of the library facility and its equipment and resources. We appreciate your cooperation!

Food may be eaten in the library cafe area only. Drinks with lids are OK throughout the library.

Cell phone use in the library is not allowed. If you carry a cell phone, please either turn your phone off or set it to vibrate upon entering the library. If you should receive a call while in the library, please take the call outside.

Library patrons are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and a level of maturity befitting of adults. Disruptive behavior (e.g. loud talking, socializing, eating in non-designated areas, etc.) may result in offenders being asked to leave.

Group study is encouraged in the library, but we ask that you utilize the group study rooms for this purpose. Group study rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Rooms may be reserved in advance by contacting the library staff. Group study rooms can accommodate up to four persons at a time. Please refer to the Group Study Room Policy for more information.

Misuse or mistreatment of library property and/or resources will result in offenders being assessed the replacement cost for damaged property or resources and possible curtailment of all library privileges.

Attempted theft of library materials will result in criminal prosecution and curtailment of all library privileges.