UNM Los Alamos

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go to classes even if my financial aid file is not complete and I have not received my disbursement?

YES. You must attend classes even though your financial aid file is not complete. You are responsible for paying for your tuition, books, and fees until your file is complete.

Is there any way to get my financial aid disbursement today?

NO. If your financial aid file is not complete, then you are not eligible to receive any financial aid until it is complete. It can take several days for any changes made to your file to become effective. Financial aid disbursements are done ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the first week of classes and are available through direct deposit to your account or by check mailed out to your current address.

Why haven’t I received my financial aid disbursement?

Log onto Lobo Web through “myUNM” and select the Financial Aid Menu to determine if your file is complete. All financial aid forms can be obtained online at “myUNM” under the Student tab. If your file is complete please contact the Financial Aid Office.

What’s the UNM-Los Alamos school code used for the FAFSA?

The code is: 002663

Can I get financial aid here and at another school?

NO. You can only receive financial aid from one institution. If you do get financial aid from two institutions you must pay the financial aid back to one of the institutions. For assistance in attending two schools at once, check with the Financial Aid Office about a Consortium Agreement.

Is the Bridge and Lottery Scholarship automatically awarded?

NO. You must fill out a bridge scholarship application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. Awards will be made until funds are exhausted, so early application is essential. All NM Residents who have attended a NM High School for one full year and have received a NM High School Diploma or General Education Development Certificate (GED) qualify for the NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.