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5th Annual UNM-LA Music Marathon

5th Annual UNM-LA Music Marathon

January 20, 2015

With just over thirty volunteer performers scheduled, the 5th Annual UNM-LA Music Marathon will take place from 1:30–8:30 p.m., Sunday, February 8, in the Student Center on the UNM-LA campus.

Historically, the UNM-LA Music Marathon has raised more than $4,600, featuring as many as 60 performers, and attracting 800 audience members.

The event is co-chaired by UNM-LA adjunct music instructor Juanita Madland and Rheta Moazzami, with the intent of funding UNM-LA scholarships.

Madland said, “In our first year we raised nearly $1,500 dollars, and we’d like to see that top $2,000 this year. We have a great lineup of talented performers willing to give their time and talent for such a worthwhile cause.”

The concept is pretty simple Moazzami said. “We have performers scheduled throughout the day. The public is welcome to come and listen anytime for as long as they want. There is no admission fee, we just ask for donations if people feel so inclined.”

Moazzami also said this is the first year you have a chance to win a door prize, thanks to our generous local businesses, such as Metzger’s Do It Right, Radio Shack (now selling music instruments) Village Arts, Khalsa Acupuncture, Professional Skin Care Choices, Casa Mesita and the Bradbury Science Museum.

UNM-LA Music Marathon Schedule*

1:20 — Piano: Cathy Turner

1:25 — Baroque recorder: Donna and John O’Donnell

1:50 — Ruth Williamson

2:00 — Bassoons: Karin Ebey, Katie Brown

2:10 — Piano: Benjamin Christenson, Sonja Ebey, Troy Makela, Joseph Dale, William Dale, Aidan Ortiz

2:25 — Violin and piano: Kathleen Brodnax

2:30 — Violin and piano: Nancy Ullmann, violin, accompanied by Robin Gurule

2:40 — Piano duet: Ruth Skoug and Juanita Madland

2:50 — Reading of Shakespeare sonnets—Joyce Lynn accompanied by Juanita Madland, piano

3:05 — The Little Piano Group performing the music of composer Edvard Grieg: Rheta Moazzami, Karin Ebey, Robin Gurule, Claudia Hilko, Judy Hutson, Bonnie Kiang, Phyllis Slattery, Susan Mendel, Joyce Guzik, , Ruth Williamson, Juanita Madland

4:20 — Stephanie Sydoriak reading from her book, An Ocean Between: 100% American 100% Ukrainian

4:35 — Cello: Rebecca Caron (Taos) accompanied by Juanita Madland, piano

5:05 — Viol da Gamba: David Hanson accompanied by Juanita Madland, piano

5:20 — Violin, Ukulele, and guitar—Sopahn Kellogg and Tom Csanadi (High School Topper Review)

5:25 — Bluegrass Band: Strung Out

6:10 — String trio: Bill Houston, Rachel Hixson, Samantha Hixson

6:25 — Jazz Band: Craig Martin Experience

7:35 — Bluegrass and more: Higher Ground

*Schedule is subject to change.

Thanks to all the musicians who practiced for hours and donated their time, and to our wonderful donors of these door prizes and favors: 

Bradbury Museum—Magic Pencils

Casa Mesita–$50 Gift Certificate

Chile Works–$100 worth of Gift Certificates

Del Norte Credit Union–$100 Gift Certificate

Khalsa Acupuncture—Gift Certificate for free treatment

Northroad Inn—Lodging for two with full breakfast

Radio Shack (now selling musical instruments)—Recorder

Professional Skin Care Choices–$50 facial

Pam Reass–Quart of Los Alamos Local Honey

For more information about the UNM-LA Scholarship Fund, or to make a donation, contact Gayle Burns, 505.661.4681.