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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician

After completing classroom time and passing competency tests, students will receive a UNM-LA certificate and be eligible to test for certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Students will learn and practice psychomotor skills:

•  Airway Maintenance
•  Oxygen Administration and Using a CPAP
•  Cardiac Arrest AED 
•  Medication Administration
•  Bleeding Control Shock Management 
•  Long Bone Immobilization 
•  Joint Immobilization

•  Traction Splint
•  Medical Patient Assessment
•  Trauma Patient Assessment
•  Various types of Medication Administration

Additional skills will be taught and evaluated

The course includes the eight credit hour class, EMS 113, and the two credit hour lab EMS 142. It meets the 1998 EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum requirements and incorporates New Mexico EMT-B scope of practice, providing lab and lecture instruction to prepare the student to sit for New Mexico and National Registry testing.

For information, contact: Joe Candelaria | joecand@unm.edu | or Steve Dawald | sdawald@unm.edu | 505-662-5919


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