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Electro Mechanical Technology

Electro Mechanical Technology

About the Program

Electro-Mechanical technology refers to the automated systems, machines, mechanical instruments, and computer technologies used in manufacturing and research facilities. From service equipment to robots, electro-mechanical technologies are present in industrial sites, hospitals, and laboratories. Electro-mechanical systems are a part of our everyday lives as well as the backbone of cutting-edge research.

You will learn to:

  • Fabricate components in a machine shop
  • Assemble an electronic sensor package to record test data
  • Build and operate a cryogenic chamber to test an instrument’s ability to function in extreme conditions
  • Design, manufacture, and maintain equipment that contains both mechanical and computerized components

Career Opportunities

Electro-Mechanical technicians harness the force than runs the modern world. You will learn the basic elements of DC circuits, AC electronic components, and electronic devices. You will also be introduced to fundamental mechanical systems (vacuum, cryogenic, and hydraulic systems) and their design, assembly, and operation.

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Don Davis

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Applied Technologies Chair
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