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Are you the kind of person who likes to work with your hands and your head? High tech careers don't have to be about sitting behind a desk all day. Applied Technologists spend their time working with the equipment that makes the modern world function.

About the Program

This program is designed to develop skills that will assist students in gaining employment in various robotics career fields. Graduates may expect to find employment opportunities with manufacturing and industrial firms, government agencies, medical facilities, educational organizations, emergency responding agencies, security and surveillance firms, and research and development groups. This degree program will enable students to become employable with a secure future in 21st century advanced technology jobs. This degree program will provide students with the general education and technical training to succeed as robotics professionals. Program content is based on industrial robotics certification modules through FANUC Robotics, the world’s largest manufacturer of robotic equipment and software.

For more information, see the Applied Technologies at: appliedtechnologiesunmlosalamos.com.

Specific Requirements

  • A minimum of 66 credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 At least 15 of these 66 hours must be UNM catalog credit courses.
  • Minimum grade of C (not C‐) in each Technical Core course.

Writing and Speaking (9 credit hours)

  • ENGL 101: Composition I: Exposition (3)
  • CJ 130: Public Speaking (3)
  • ENGL 119: Technical Communications (3)
    ENGL 219: Technical and Professional Writing (3)
    ENGL 102: Composition II: Analysis and Argument (3)

Mathematics (7 credit hours)

  • MATH 121: College Algebra (3)
  • MATH 107: Problems in College Algebra (1)
  • MATH 123: Trigonometry (3)
    OR higher

Physical and Natural Sciences (8 credit hours)

  • CHEM 111L: Elements of General Chemistry (4)
    OR higher
  • PHYC 102: Introduction to Physics (3) / PHYC 102L: Physics Laboratory (1)
    OR higher

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)

  • Select from UNM Core Curriculum in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Technical Core Courses (31 credit hours)

  • ELCT 162: Robotics (3)
  • ELCT 163: Advanced Robotics (3)
  • ROBO 201: Industrial Robotics Operations (3) ROBO 202: Advanced Industrial Robotics (3)
  • ROBO 204: Programmable Logic Controllers (3) ROBO 290: Robotics Synthesis (3)
  • ELCT 105L: Industrial Shop Practice (3)
  • MCHT 101L: Basic Welding (4)
  • CS 151L: Computer Programming Fundamentals for Non‐Majors (MATLAB) (3)
  • CT 111: Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (3)

Electives (8 credit hours)

Select from the following:

  • ROBO 293: Topics (1‐3)
  • DRFT 103: Introduction to Drafting (3)
  • DRFT 119: Blueprint Reading (3)
  • CT 119: Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting and Design (3) ELCT 101: DC Circuit Analysis (4)
  • ELCT 102: AC Circuit Analysis (4)
  • ELCT 103: Mechanical Systems (3)
  • ELCT 205: Mechatronics (4)
  • ELCT 264: Advanced Robotics II (3)
  • BSTC 113: Introduction to Project Management (1)
  • MFGT 101: Introduction to Technology (1)

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