UNM Los Alamos

Governing Bodies, Staff and Core Faculty

Governing Bodies, Staff and Core Faculty

The Regents of the University

Jack L. Fortner - President

Robert M. Doughty, - Vice President

Bradley C. Hosmer, - Secretary, Treasury

James H. Koch

Marron Lee

Suzanne Quillen

Ryan Berryman - Student Regent

The Honorable Susanna Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, Ex-Officio Member

Hanna Skandera, Secretary of Public Education - Ex-Officio Member

Barbara Damron - Secretary of Higher Education, Ex-Officio Member

The University of New Mexico Officers

Robert G. Frank, Ph.D., President

Chaouki Abdallah, Ph.D., Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dorothy Anderson, M.A., Vice President Human Resources

Josephine De Leon, Ph.D., Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

Michael Dougher, Ph.D., Vice President for Research

David Harris, B.B.A., Executive Vice President for Administration, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer

Gilbert Gonzales, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer

Wynn Goering, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, UNM West

Monica Orozco, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Extended Learning

Paul Roth, M.D., Chancellor for Health Sciences

Eliseo Torres, Ed.D., Vice President, Student Affairs

UNM-Los Alamos Advisory Board

Stephen Troy Boerigter, (Chairperson) Term: 2015-2019

Micheline Devaurs (Member) Term: 2013-2017

Michelle Hall (Member) Term 2013-2017

Michael DiRosa (Member Term: 2015-2019

David Sutton (Member) Term 2013-2017

Administrative Staff

Cynthia J Rooney, Interim Executive Director

Lisa Wismer, M.Ed., Northern Arizona University, Campus Resource Director

Business & Finance

Lisa Wismer, Campus Resource Director

Gayle Burns, Manager, Business Services

Debora Gage, Fiscal Technician/Accounts Payable

Dennise Gallegos - Fiscal Services Tech, Accounts Receivable

Oliva Lopez, Human Resources Administrator

Auxiliary Operations

Betsy Suazo, Manager

Alex Zubelewicz, Special Events Coordinator, Campus Safety Coordinator

Marketing & Communication

Vint Miller, Public Information Representative

Information Technology Services

William Gilson, Computing Services Manager

Debray Bailey, Technical Support Analyst

Carol Furchner, Instructional Technologist

Alex Zubelewicz, User Support Analyst I

Research and Information

Valida Akhadov Dushdurova, Manager

Student Services


Kathryn Vigil, Student Enrollment Director

Irene Martinez, Enrollment Representative

Jenny Duran, Financial Aid Officer

Student Success

Elizabeth Rademacher, Manager

Jeff Dietz, Academic Advisor/Recruitment Specialist

Melissa Torres, Academic Advisement/Recruitment Specialist

Grace Willerton, Career Technical Advisor

Student Government

Grace Willerton, Advisor

Irene Martinez, Advisor


Kay Willerton, Interim Dean of Instruction

Kateri Morris, Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Academic Departments

Applied Sciences

Irina Alvestad, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Chair

Don Davis, MSE, Long Island University, Applied Technology, Program Chair

Joseph Candelaria, BOE Eastern New Mexico University, Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services, Program Chair

Steven Dawald, BS, Eastern New Mexico University, Fire Science and EMS  Program Chair


Sharon Harley-Johns, Ph.D., Texas A & M, Chair

Cynthia J. Rooney, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Associate Professor, Business


Mickey Marsee, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Chair and Associate Professor, English

Zandree Stidham, Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, Chair, Assistant Professor of English

Maryjane Giesler, MA, Michigan State University, English Faculty

Computer Science and Information Technology

Sharon Harley-Johns, Ph.D, Texas A & M, Chair

Thomas Beach, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Faculty

Fine & Performing Arts

Patrick Harris, MFA, University of Wisconsin, Chair

Barbara Yarnell, MA, Fort Hays State College, Faculty

General Studies

Barbara Yarnell, MA,, Fort Hays State College, Chair

Carol Furchner, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Psychology Faculty

Melanie Shirk, Ph.D., University of Kansas, History Faculty

Cedric Page, Ph.D., Rutgers University, Professor of Geography

Mathematics & Engineering

Kay Willerton, MSE, Midwestern State University, Chair

Irina Alvestad, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Anna Durakiewicz, MS, University of New Mexico, Assistant Professor, Mathematics


Mary Martucci, Ph.D., Colorado State University,, Chair, Assistant Professor

Leslie Dendy, Ph.D., Rice University, Biology Faculty

Michael McNaughton, Ph.D., University of London, Physics Faculty

Susan Schauer, MS,, University of Colorado,  Biology Faculty

First Year Experience Program

Mickey Marsee, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Program Chair


Dennis Davies-Wilson, Director

Joe Matthews, Library Information Specialist III

Academic Support Center

Vacant, Academic Support Center Coordinator

Community and Continuing Education

Lisa Caldwell, Program Coordinator

Adult Learning Services

Gabriel Baca, Program Manager

Vacant Program Coordinator

Small Business Development Center

Ted Lopez, Director, Los Alamos

Bachelor and Graduate Programs through Extended University at UNM-Los Alamos

Cindy Leyba, Operations Manager

Vacant, Educational Site Coordinator

Nataliya Mozyrsky, Instructional Television Assistant

Gayle Burns, Instructional Assistant