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ASC utilizes the Tutor Matching Service (TMS) to provide additional ways for students to connect with tutors. TMS allows students to search tutors by online vs. in-person availability, name, location, school, subject areas, courses, ratings, etc. Students may then book and pay for tutoring sessions, or send a message to the tutor requesting to do so. Some tutors charge fees while others are available for free.

Browsing tutors and making appointments are easy. Tutors affiliated with ASC and UNM-LA will feature a badge on their profiles and appear at the top of the list of tutors. Tutors without such badges are private, independent tutors who are unaffiliated with ASC and UNM-LA (see disclaimer below). To book appointments, pay fees, or send messages, a minimal FacebookGoogle, or LinkedIn account is required. Some tutors require a password to book an appointment; send them a message to acquire the password or to make other arrangements.


It is important to note that TMS is an online private tutoring marketplace; by making arrangements through TMS, a student enters into an independent, exclusive contract between him- or herself, TMS, and a tutor. ASC and UNM-LA are not involved in this contract and thus not legally responsible for the quality of tutoring, safety, etc. Students and parents should exercise due caution (e.g., talk with tutors on the phone beforehand, ask for references, meet in public areas, etc.)

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