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A to Z Databases: I

A to Z Databases: I

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Some of these databases will prompt you for a UNM I.D. and password. If you do not have a UNM user I.D. we regret that you are unable to use those databases.


Indigenous Digital Archive - Indigenus Digital Archives contains scanned documents from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Documents include Indian school enrollment records, superintendent reports, land and water rights records from southwest tribes - Pueblo, Navajo and Apache. Open access provided by IDA.

Information Science - Full name: Gale OneFile Information Science. Scholarly journals and trade publications essential for library and information professionals.

Informe Academico - Full name: Gale OneFile Informe Academico. Popular Spanish-language magazines. Includes Spanish and English translation tool.

INIS Database - INIS is the leading information source for scientific and technical literature published worldwide on the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. INIS maintains a bibliographic database, entitled the INIS Database, which currently contains over 2.6 million references with English abstracts from 1970 to the present. This Database does not include full text articles. The Database is updated weekly.

Institute of Physics - The Institute of Physics is a leading international professional body and learned society, established to promote the advancement and dissemination of physics. Access to nearly all of their journals back to each one's beginning is provided.

International Medieval Bibliography - A comprehensive, current bibliography of articles in journal, conference proceedings, and collections of essays collections about the European Middle Ages (c. 400-1500). Publications are classified by date, subject and location, and provide full bibliographical records.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook - The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts. The Medieval Sourcebooks contains full text sources, selected sources and sources related to the lives of saints. Provided by Fordham University.