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Student Services

Student Services

Student Services is a central hub of information for prospective, current and former students to find assistance and answers to questions about admissions, academic advising, registration, financial aid and other resources on campus.

Student Services is comprised of the following:


The Office of Admissions can help if you have questions or are ready to apply to UNM Los Alamos. The Office of Admissions can provide application instructions for degree-seeking, non-degree, dual credit/concurrent, international, senior, or transfer students. Complete details can be found on our Admissions page.

Barbara E. Cohen
Coordinator, Enrollment Services

Academic Advising

Academic advisors can provide guidance through the admission process, degree and course selection, and registration. Advisors also assist with changing a major, following up instructors’ early alerts, filing graduation petitions, and planning for baccalaureate work. Advisors can help resolve registration errors, as well. Degree-seeking students must meet with an advisor before registering for each semester to check that their chosen classes will continue to make progress toward their degrees and have their advising hold lifted.

Melissa Torres
Academic Advisor, Recruitment Specialist
Grace Willerton
Student Success Associate

Enrollment Services

The registrar at UNM-LA processes high school and other college transcripts for admissions and maintains transcripts of current and former students. The registrar can also answer questions about dual credit and concurrent enrollment, VA benefits, and graduation requirements.

Kathryn Vigil
Student Enrollment Director

Financial Aid

The financial aid officer provides information on financial resources available to degree-seeking students. These resources may include scholarships, grants, and loans from the federal or state government, independent organizations and/or UNM-LA itself. UNM-LA bases its financial aid offers from the FAFSA, so please take time to file this survey online every year. Don’t assume you are ineligible—there are many opportunities to pursue.

Jenny Duran
Financial Aid Advisor

Student Success

The Academic Student Success Manager handles ADA Accommodation Services for students, oversees academic advisement, student retention  and success initiatives, and serves as the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Advisor.

Elizabeth Rademacher
Academic Student Success Manager



Grace Willerton

Applied Technology, environmental technology, environmental science, liberal arts, general studies, engineering, robotics, business, accounting, Cs and It

Melissa Torres

Studio. Art, engineering, pre-professional health, science, liberal arts, general studies, pre-professional elementary Ed,

Elizabeth Rademacher

Accounting, Pre-Business, Business, IT with Cyber Security, Computer Science

Kathryn Vigil

EMS, Fire Science.