UNM Los Alamos

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Student success at UNM-LA begins with our New Student Orientation sessions which are designed to answer all the typical questions new students have about UNM-LA. 

Orientation Agenda 
August 10 or 15, 2017, 2:00 - 6:15 p.m.

1:45-2:00   Sign in at Student Services table, Student Center

2:00-2:10   Welcome—Dr. Cindy Rooney, Student Center

2:10-2:15   General Announcements Students to Lecture Hall 230 Parents with CEO to Reception

2:15-3:45   Students: Grey Area, Lecture Hall, 230
                   Parents: Reception, Library

3:50-4:20   Students 1: Getting Connected, Melissa and DeBray, Room 628
                  Students 2: Academic and Career Advancement, ASC
                  Students 3: Admissions, Barbara Room 203
                  Parents: Where’s the Money? Jenny and Gayle 412 

4:25-4:55  Students 1: Campus Tour
                  Students 2: Getting Connected, Melissa and DeBray, Room 628
                  Student 3: Where’s the Money? 412
                  Parents: Academic and Career Advancement, Grace, ASC

5:00-5:30  Students 1: Where’s the Money? Jenny and Gayle, Room 412
                 Students 2: Campus Tour   
                 Students 3: Academic and Career Advancement, Grace, ASC
                 Parents: Campus Tour

5:30-6:00  Students 1: Academic and Career Advancement, Grace, ASC
                 Students 2: Where’s the Money? Jenny and Gayle, Room 412
                 Students 3: Campus Tour
                 Parents: Supporting your Student’s Success, Kathryn & Elizabeth, 230            

6:00-6:15  Surveys, Flags, and Prizes – Student Center
                   * All groups reconvene


Download a copy of this agenda here.

About the Sessions

  • Academic and Career Success: Being your best self, using the Academic Support Center, Academic Resources on campus, and Career Advisement opportunities at UNM-LA.
  • Admissions: For students whose admissions are incomplete. Information on your next steps and getting enrolled in your classes.
  • Campus Tour: Includes survival tips and tricks, where to find help, library resources, and finding your way around campus.
  • Getting Connected: Includes IT support, how to access and manage your online account and LAN, using LoboAchieve, LoboWeb, degree audit, and the UNM-LA website.
  • Grey Area: Mandatory training for all students for sexual assault prevention.
  • Supporting your Student’s Success: Includes information about campus deadlines, how to support your student to be successful, realistic expectations of the workload of college, FERPA, and other student-related information of interest to parents.
  • Where’s the Money? Includes accessing your financial aid information, forms, your Bursar Account Suite, the cashier’s office; how, where and when to pay your bill, and important payment deadlines to be aware of.