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Extended University

About the UNM Los Alamos Library and the Collection

UNM-Los Alamos is funded by the State of New Mexico as a two-year community college supporting 100 and 200 level undergraduate courses. Therefore, by law, the UNM-Los Alamos Library cannot use state allocated funds to collect any materials that are deemed appropriate for only upper-division or graduate level students. As a result, the collection of materials at the UNMLos Alamos Library is primarily to support the undergraduate (100 and 200 level) curriculum offered at UNM-Los Alamos. Subsequently, depending on the subject matter, the Library may have few materials appropriate for your use.

The following are the services that we can provide to Extended University students:

  • Access to UNM-Los Alamos Library facility and materials
  • Computer access
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Access to course reserves

Access to Physical Library Materials

Extended University students are welcome to access all materials housed in the UNM-Los Alamos Library. Circulating items may be checked out using your Lobo I.D. card.Because you are technically “UNM-Albuquerque” students, it is advisable to borrow materials from the libraries at UNM-Albuquerque in person. While we can borrow materials for you from other UNM libraries through interlibrary loan, you will be able to keep the materials for a longer period of time if you check them out yourself.

Returning Materials Borrowed from Other UNM Libraries

If you have checked out materials in person from main campus in Albuquerque or another UNM library you may return the materials via the UNM-Los Alamos Library. In such cases, please be aware of the following:

  • Return of such materials through the UNM-Los Alamos Library must be done in person.
  • A book return form must be completed and signed acknowledging the following:
    • Materials borrowed from another UNM Library are not considered “checked in” until they have been checked in at the library of origin.
    • UNM-Los Alamos Library is not responsible for loss or damage to materials once they have left the UNM-Los Alamos campus, or for any fines for overdue materials.

Computer and Online Resource Access

  • Extended University students are welcome to use computers in the library. You will need to leave a Lobo I.D. at the circulation desk to check out a mouse.
  • The library provides access to Microsoft Office applications as well as the Internet.
  • Extended University students may access any of the online databases available through the UNM-Los Alamos Library website. Some may prompt you for your UNM user name and password.
  • You may also access any of the databases offered through University Libraries at the Albuquerque campus. When prompted, simply enter your UNM user name and password.

Access to Reserve Materials

  • Extended University students may check out materials placed on reserve by your instructors at the UNM-LA Library.
  • Reserve materials may be checked out for use in the library, two days, or one week, as designated by your instructor.
  • The UNM-Los Alamos Library is unable to access physical materials that are placed on reserve at any other UNM library. Access to such materials will require that you personally visit the respective library.
  • If your instructor has placed materials on reserve electronically, you may access those materials through LIBROS by using your UNM user name and password.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Interlibrary Loan Service is available for Extended University students.
  • Borrowers must be registered for the current semester and be in good standing with the library.
  • Search the “Worldcat” database through “FirstSearch” to select materials to be borrowed through interlibrary loan. Printout copies of selections to attach to request forms.
  • Do not request items owned by UNM-LA Library. Please verify holdings at UNM-LA by checking the LIBROS on-line catalog. Check for full-text periodical articles in the periodical index databases listed on the Journal/Magazine Article Databases page of the website.
  • Please complete and submit requests using the online form: Interlibrary Loan.
  • Up to six (6) requests per week may be submitted. Additional prioritized requests will be accepted, but will be processed only as staff time permits.
  • Library staff will make every effort to borrow needed materials from another library; however, there is no guarantee that all desired materials can be acquired through interlibrary loan, as lending libraries determine whether or not an item can be loaned.
  • The lending library determines the loan period and whether or not an item may be renewed. Please plan your time for using materials accordingly.
  • Materials may take one to four weeks to receive. Some items may take more time. All materials must be picked up and returned at the Circulation Desk.
  • No Interlibrary Loan requests will be accepted in the last three weeks of the semester.
  • No requests will be pursued if there is a borrowing fee.
  • Any questions should be directed to 662-0343 or ulalib@unm.edu.

Extended University Student Library Guide

Download the guide here (PDF).