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Political Science: Online Resources

Political Science: Online Resources


Country Studies (Library of Congress) - Full text descriptions and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, and political systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.

CQ Magazine - Weekly publication providing access to information on the United States government, politics, and public policy. Summarizes Capitol Hill activity, explains legislative issues being debated, and provides status of legislation. Coverage: 1983-present.

CQ Press Electronic Library - Resource for research in U.S. government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs. Includes access to CQ Researcher Online, CQ Weekly, CQ Almanac, and Historic Documents Series. Congressional Quarterly product.

Europa World Plus - Europa World Plus is the online version of the Europa World Year Book and the nine-volume Regional Surveys of the World series. First published in 1926, the year book covers political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

National Journal - Provides strategic research, journalism and analysis on the current political environment, government affairs, and emerging political and policy trends. Aimed at government and public policy professionals.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts - Provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration/policy for approximately 1,500+ titles, of these, 67% are published outside the United States. Offered through Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

Open Access Sources and Web Sites

International Statistical Agencies - A directory of official statistical agencies of countries throughout the world. Compiled by the United Nations Statistical Bureau.

Political Resources on the Net - Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world.

UNData - (formerly UN Common Database UNCDB). The new system goes beyond the concept of the UNCDB, starting from the way the data is stored and searched to the data presentation. Furthermore, the UNCDB only includes a small selection of UNSD's extensive data collection, whereas UNdata will have broader data coverage from various international and national sources. The UNCDB series are currently available through UNdata under the new name "Key indicators".

United Nations - Official Document Service - provides web-based access to United Nations documents, including the full text of all United Nations parliamentary documents, and preliminary (masthead) versions of resolutions and decisions.

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