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Raising Children in a Challenging World

Raising Children in a Challenging World

If you have ever asked yourself…How can I help my child learn about online safety? Is my child behaving appropriately for her age? How can I get my son to like reading? How do I best support my child? Is it OK to let my daughter fail? Is my child’s anxiety normal? What can I do about bullying? Is there anyone out there who can help? This series was designed for you.

This unique series co-sponsored by UNM-LA and the Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) will address a wide spectrum of topics facing elementary school parents and caregivers today. Each session will include a presentation by experts in the field, time for questions and discussion, and opportunities to learn about additional community resources.

Choose From Two, Six-Class Sessions:

(See individual class descriptions below)

Thursday Evenings, 6:00–7:15 p.m.
September 18th–October 30th
(repeated October 30–December 11)

The Ark will provide Childcare services to parents/caregivers who want to attend the Parenting Series, including 15 minutes before and after each session. Childcare will be provided for a limited number of students, ages 3-10. Parents should register their students with the Ark by noon on Thursday each week. The phone number is 662-4822.  Donations will be accepted. 

$5 per class for up to two caregivers per family or $25 for all 6 classes. This six week series will be repeated twice each semester, and individuals may start the series at any time. Financial assistance is available.

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Cyber Safety and Technology

September 18 (repeated October 30)

Explore topics related to apps and social media, online safety, cyberbullying, tools and guidelines for using the Internet, how much is too much?

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Encouraging School Success

September 25 (repeated November 6)

Raising children who are successful in school. Resources, technology tips, communicating with teachers, advocating for your child, encouraging good study habits, dealing with test anxiety, making learning fun.

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Healthy Habits

October 2 (repeated November 13)

Raising healthy children–healthy eaters, getting children up and moving, discovering fun family activities, establishing routines, making time for rest and downtime.

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Developmental Milestones and Expectations

October 9 (repeated November 20)

Explore topics related to physical, behavioral, emotional milestones, the importance of balancing structured and free time, knowing what is appropriate for different ages and stages.

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Supporting Children With Special Needs

October 16 (repeated December 4)

Explore topics related to navigating the IEP process, advocating for your child, finding community resources and support, making time for self care.

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Developing Coping Skills

October 23 (repeated December 11)

Raising resilient children—dealing with anxiety, stress, bullying, failure, developing social skills and other life challenges.    

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Eileen Gallegos, Program Coordinator
Phone: (505) 662-0346
Email: commed@unm.edu