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Explore Your Universe: Modern Astrophysics for Everyone

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what exactly is out there? Do you want to know what a black hole is and if it really exists? Have you always been curious about what dark matter and dark energy are, or thought about the possibility of life on other planets? In this class, students will learn about current outstanding questions in astrophysics, while possibly contributing to solving some of these exciting problems. Student will explore astrophysics research problems in small teams, guided by mentors who work at LANL. Topics are guided by each student’s interests, and the class welcomes everyone regardless of his/her math and science background- all this is required is a desire to learn more about the universe!

 Led by mentors working as astrophysicists at LANL and spanning a wide range of expertise.  

Sept 4 – Nov 20 | TUE 3:00 – 4:00 PM | Rm 628 | Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning and Mentors from LANL | $45

Students are welcome to bring snacks.