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Forms, Formats, Models and Templates

Forms, Formats, Models and Templates

This page contains forms, templates, models, examples, and boilerplate that you can use in your online courses. As more information is developed, it will be added to this page, so please check back!

Information is stored as .rtf files, which are usable in most word processing programs, and .pdf files. If you require a different format, please contact sschauer@unm.edu.

Welcome Letter

Instructors should send welcome letters to enrolled students before the beginning of the semester, or as soon as possible after students enroll after the semester begins. These letters are important to student success, especially for students who are new to online courses or new to Blackboard Learn.

  • Checklist
    Your welcome letter to students should contain this information
  • Example 1
    Welcome letter with no attached syllabus
  • Example 2
    Welcome letter with attached syllabus

Online Course Syllabus Template

UNM-LA’s syllabus template for online courses. Lists required and optional information; edit it to meet your course’s needs. (Updated 5/1/2017) Information from this template may also be used in web-enhanced and hybrid courses.

UNM-LA Online Course TemplateBox

UNM-LA has a template for creating online courses.  We recommend that online instructors use it for building their courses.  The template is imported into a new Blackboard Learn course shell.  The template provides structure, suggested wording, and links to files that most instructors should provide for their students or should modify to meet the needs of their classes.  For instructors who are using Learn but not teaching fully online courses, or for instructors who are using Learn as a pass-through to publisher-supplied content, relevant portions of the template can be installed without installing the whole template.  You can find the online course template, a user guide, and supporting files in the TemplateBox.  Instructors can preview what the template looks like here; the linked folder contains three pdf files containing screenshots of the template.

Preview of Online Course Template


Student Course Evaluation Process

  Course Evaluation: EvaluationKIT – Participation in obtaining student evaluations of your course is not voluntary, it’s required. A few weeks before the end of your course, an automated system will send a link to your students to evaluate the class.  As an instructor, you will be able to review the results one month after the class ends. You may access your results, two of the following ways:
     a. Login using UNM Learn: https://learn.unm.edu 
     b. Use your main campus NetID and your NetID password to login
     c. Once logged-in, in lower right-hand corner, you will see the words “Course Evaluations” Click on the link(s) below those words and you will be auto-logged-in to EvaluationKIT.
     d. Link: http://coursefeedback.unm.edu
     e. Click on the EvaluationKIT logo (under the left-hand menu)
     f.  Type in your NetID and password

Note: There has been a significant drop in student feedback when changed to this online system implemented by main campus. You may be creative and do an incentive or take your class to a computer room to complete the survey.

Faculty Evaluation

Form used by your DH when “observing” your online course.


Faculty: we want your comments and feedback on these materials! Please send them to sschauer@unm.edu.